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Over the past decade, we've worked with thousands of e-commerce merchants, from small shops to big international brands, creating WOW shopping experiences at affordable prices.  


It all started in 2021 right here in Asturias, Spain. It's not hard to find traces of our humble beginnings: the millions WordPress sites, the legacy of early e-commerce themes, and the important work we did to empower creators and help the web's biggest platforms grow and be successful.


Today you can find us in a slightly larger HQ, with a much larger team scattered across a dozen or so cities—but the passion is the same. So is our commitment to helping brands and businesses succeed, whether they're first-time Shopify entrepreneurs, growing online retailers, or established brands.


As we’re developers & Shopify merchants by ourselves, our philosophy is simple, we work on your store as it’s our store :)


Our Team


Raul Fuente - Cofounder & Lead Developer

I am the technical and product quality manager at Groundzero Apps. I founded my first software development agency in 2014, focusing on e-commerce. I have a degree in Computer Science from the University of Oviedo and have worked for many years as a software developer. I love surfing on the beaches of Asturias, listening to dark rock, and hiking with my son. My inspiration is Ayn Rand; who is John Galt?

Raul Fuentes


Enrique Loy - Cofounder & UX Designer

My role at GZ involves product design and enhancing the user experience of our apps and stores. Additionally, since 2016, my wife and I have been running a seven-figure e-commerce fashion brand based in the UK. I hold an MSc in Finance from the University of East London. I enjoy improving things, playing musical instruments, skiing, and cycling with my kids.

Enrique Loyola


Adrián Rodil -  Full-Stack Developer

I became a software developer because I love problem-solving and it enables me to assist others by simplifying their lives. In my spare time, I enjoy playing chess, riding motorcycles, and listening to heavy metal.

Adrian Rodil


Nacho Torre - Backend Developer

Lisa Morgan - Frontend Developer & Customer Service

Amanda García - Frontend Developer & Customer Service